Operations & sourcing

innovation in the packaging sector

Eight cents of every dollar spent on fresh food goes to packaging, yet a third of all food produced on Earth is wasted or lost. Brands selling through online channels are exploring how to use innovative packaging to tell a richer story to consumers. Pharmaceutical packaging companies are trying to understand how the interaction between consumers and pharma packaging can trigger smartphone or tablet apps that help consumers take their medication, safely and consistently.

Business design – the practice of creating a new product, service, business model or revenue stream – is at the heart of what Brandcheck does. Our unique expertise in packaging combines with our strength in business strategy to help organizations create more value out of packaging. Our methods include qualitative and quantitative research, storyboarding, co-creation and ideation sessions, and business model innovation.

where physical and digital come together

Packaging is about interacting with consumers. The power of apps is that they make interactions between consumers and packaging more powerful and consistent. Our team works to use the power of digital interactions to create new services for brand owners and packaging manufacturers.

new business design

To make a leap in profitability or market share, companies need to innovate new products, services or business models. Packaging is unique in that it sits at the intersection of many business functions: marketing, merchandising, procurement and sustainability. Brandcheck helps companies find new revenue streams by creating new products or services driven by packaging.

solving tough problems

Innovation is a process. Brandcheck can help companies rethink their business models and unlock the value of IP they already own. Reach out to us and we can start a conversation.

Cost reduction

Many clients are masters of packaging cost reduction through vendor and budget management. Brandcheck’s cost reduction services are the logical next step, capturing additional cost savings without compromising clients’ brand strategy. Our sourcing strategy work helps clients streamline their domestic supplier base and consolidate skus, assists with offshore procurement, and keeps clients in control of their specifications by implementing knowledge management systems.