Graphic and Structural Redesign

Assessment and recommendations

The brandcheck team studied the client’s brand in depth: its history, objectives, product messages, character and inspiration, and the product family’s value proposition. Next, brandcheck studied other products in the marketplace, analysing their product positioning and messaging. The team analysed the client’s goals for the project and the client’s preference for an exploratory approach. Based on its research, brandcheck recommended producing three concept packages, each tailored to a separate merchandising channel. The concepts would be used to help the client refine which channel would be best for their product.

Designing and implementing the solution

The brandcheck team identified three possible retail channels that could be targeted by the client:

  • Fresh produce section of a discount grocery chain,
  • Dry grocery (centre of store) section of a midrange grocery chain,
  • Gourmet retailer or food section of a high-end kitchenware store

Brandcheck designed three radically different packaging concepts for standup pouches, each tailored to one of the three merchandising channels. Each concept used unique photography, typography, colour palette, layout and copy to stimulate consumer purchase behaviour at the target sales channel.

Evaluating results, next steps

The three concepts stimulated the client to think about what direction would work best for their product:

  • What is the best channel to start selling our product in?
  • Is this about moving with our existing consumers to a new sales channel, or looking for new customers in a new channel?

The brandcheck team is working with the client to create a go-to-market roadmap, define which channel they will initially target, and refine one of the channel concepts for production.