Brand and Product Family Strategy

Assessment and recommendations

The product’s taste profile was excellent and the brand kept its promise of freshness and quality. As a result, brand loyalty was high. But even loyal consumers were having a hard time finding the product on shelves. Garlic bread is a busy category with merchandising display challenges. The redesign had to help the brand stand out on cluttered shelves in less-than-optimal locations. The team designed a consumer intercept program to learn how it could best help consumers make the product stand out on the shelf.

Designing and implementing the solution

The consumer intercept study asked shoppers inside the store about their shopping behaviour, digging into their wants and needs. The team learned that consumers did not respond well to the existing package’s dated woodcut-style illustration. A mockup using a contemporary, photographic approach was shown to consumers; the photography encouraged shoppers to give the garlic bread product a try. In addition, the intercept study taught the brand owner about other use cases for the product. These ideas were fed back into the design ideation process, resulting in a new package design that was easy to spot on a crowded shelf, encouraged consumers to try the product, and showed consumers the versatility of garlic bread.

Evaluating results, next steps

The new, visually appealing package celebrated the quality of the brand. Impactful colours increased the product’s visibility on shelf. Mouth-watering occasion-focused photography showed consumers new uses for the product. New copy told consumers about the product’s unique texture and wholesome goodness, giving them yet another reason to try the product. The approach of making the product easier to find, and then giving consumers compelling reasons to try the product, combined with the loyalty the product inspired in consumers once they had tried it at home, translated to increased sales for the client. The same approach was rolled out to sister products within the brand family.