Cost Reduction

Assessment and Recommendations

To understand the impact of a technology change, Brandcheck team members designed a study to answer some questions:

  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of existing cherry packaging?
  • What packaging types and formats are used for packing cherries in other markets?
  • When would the distributor’s existing machinery customers switch to a new technology?
  • How would changing the packaging and equipment impact:
    • Merchandising at retail?
    • Consumer convenience?
    • Sourcing strategy?

Designing and implementing the solution

The team members researched other packaging styles that were in use in other markets and geographies. Based on the study, they identified three promising alternative formats. The formats were analysed in depth to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The team reached out to equipment suppliers to understand run speeds and machinery costs. From there, Brandcheck team members developed cost models that measured the new packaging technology’s impact on costs like labour and materials.

Evaluating results, next steps

The results of the study were presented to the distributor. The report helped the distributor’s key accounts team discuss the impact of automation with their customers, cementing the distributor’s reputation as a trusted expert in the fruit packaging field. This higher level of expertise helped the distributor land more packaging automation deals.