Executive summary

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that superimposes digital information on to a user’s view of the world using a display like a tablet, mobile phone or wearable device. This technology has the potential to change how consumers relate to, and use, packaging.

Packaging that is AR-enabled can show consumers more information than a regular package can accommodate. AR content on a package can increase purchase likelihood (in a store setting) and consumer engagement (in a home or consumption setting).

Off-the-shelf Augmented Reality technologies like Layar are fast and inexpensive to deploy. A campaign can be created in minutes by uploading package artwork to a web-based interface. Integrating packaging with AR at a deeper level is done through custom-developed apps that can link packaging content with custom-created games or activities.

However, the profusion of AR platforms and apps threaten to decrease adoption of this technology for packaging applications; if one platform can gain market share at the expense of its rivals, consumer take-up may increase.