Package Benchmarking and Competitor Analysis

Assessment and recommendations

It’s not easy to merchandise products inside the reach-in freezers that grocery stores use to sell many frozen items. Brands struggle to have their products displayed a highly visible way because the geometry of the freezer shelves limits how many items can be stacked up on a shelf facing the consumer. An additional challenge of this type of merchandising is that opening the door creates a bit of pressure in the consumer’s mind to decide what they want quickly (remember your mother saying “close the fridge door!”) The team recommended to the client that a top design priority was laying out the print design for the product’s folding carton so that each “facing” of the carton would display the client’s logo and brand message prominently. Each “face” of the package had to look like it was the front, so the client’s brand could dominate the inside of the reach-in freezer no matter how it was arranged.

Designing and implementing the solution

The folding carton was designed so that each facing prominently featured the brand’s key message, logo and flavour information. This layout created a “billboard” effect inside the freezer that was eye-catching and motivated the consumer to make a purchase decision.

Evaluating results, next steps

This Canadian brand of biscuits entered the Southern US marketplace in a big way, outperforming its established private label rival. The brand succeeded to the point where daily sales were matching the client’s weekly sales projections – a wonderful outcome for the client’s brand. Thinking about visibility from a behavioural point of view, taking into account both the shelf stocker’s behaviour and the shopper’s behaviour, enabled the team to create a package design that caught the consumer’s eye and prompted more purchase decisions.